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Here are answers to questions we receive most often. If you don’t see your answer here, please contact us with your inquiry.

Q: Can I freeze my Bellows House products after I receive them?
A: Yes, for six months or more.

Q: How long will your products keep (shelf life)?

A: If kept at room temperature and in the original packaging, the shelf life is as follows:

Cookies 4 weeks   Brownies 4 weeks
Blondies 4 weeks   Shortbread 6 months
Scones 2 weeks   Coffee Cakes 10 days
Whoopie Pies 2 weeks   Shortbread 6 months
Oatmeal Pies 3 weeks   gobblz!™ 4 weeks

Q: Should I refrigerate your products?

A: No, we recommend storing at room temperature or freezing until eaten.

Q: I have a store and I’d like to sell your products. How do I start?

A: For wholesale inquiries, as well as private label and corporate gift inquiries, please contact us and we’ll happy to help you choose the best products for your business and customers.

Q: Can Bellows House products be warmed up in the microwave?

A: Yes! Nothing beats a warm cookie or brownie! Set the power on high and heat for approximately 15 seconds, then decide if the settings need adjusting.

Q: Do you ship to Alaska and Hawaii?

A: Yes we do! We use FedEx 2-Day service for these shipments. An additional charge applies, depending on package weight.

Q: Do you ship to Europe??

A: Yes, we ship to Europe too, via US Postal Service.

Q: I have food allergies. How can I find out what’s in your products?

A: Click on Nutritional Info in the menu to take you to the page that has complete information for all our products, including ingredients lists and processing relevant to food allergies.






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